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Here is a little bit about us...
We are team Double Negative. We're a newer team from the Alton area. We play usually every other weekend, at various places. Our team as of now consists of about 5 people. We mostly play 3 man. We have not played in any tournaments or big games.  If would just like to get together and play, or just talk with some one from the area with paintball knowledge contact us by e-mail.
Site/Team Updates

This are how our site, team, and store are progressing:

1-31-03: Started site

Sometime in April and May we added lots of pics.

10-15-03: Changed team name to Double Negative, and re-did the entire site.

11-16-03: Went to Po' Man tourney @ PaintballToGo. Placed 15th, not bad for our first tourney, and it was lots of fun, and thats what matters.

Donations for the team and the good old sport of paintball are welcomed.

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